Get a natural, longer lasting tan at Sophora with our stand-up sunbed. For an immediate summer glow, consider our spray tanning service.

A tan is your skin’s natural response to Ultra Violet (UV) exposure, it makes you look good and feel good. Don’t try to get too much of a good thing though or you risk overexposure. We are experts in tanning so let us help you get a great tan and keep it all year round.

Casual prices
3 minutes $4.50
6 minutes $9
9 minutes $13.50
12 minutes $18
Concession prices
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $110
120 minutes $140

For your first time, you will require a 15 minute additional consultation. Consultations cost $20 for casuals, or are free with a concession.

This is to assess your suitability to tan and your skin type in order for our staff to recommend a responsible  tanning regime specifically for you.